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Join Our Team!

Contractor/ Partnership Associate in Affiliate Marketing: Team Bespoke is looking for a Partnership Associate to support our client work with prestigious DTC brands. We’re seeking someone who has insane pride in their organization skills, project management, and attention to detail. We want you to be willing to learn the foundation of affiliate marketing and grow from here in your career.

Pay Rate: $25/ hour, fully remote

Preferred locations:  IL, GA, OH, but all are welcome to apply - position is remote

What We Do

We create the connections that make a difference. The sole idea behind our business is to deliver an efficient return on ad spend, across many digital marketing channels. Our primary focus is to run clients' affiliate marketing programs, PR, and influencer campaigns.

We Believe

There is no work-life and personal life. Life is life - no matter what we are doing. To live happy we must work happy. We believe in creating our own HAPPINESS. So we created our company to seek out the work we are PASSIONATE about. Working passionately…well, it works. It leads to VICTORIES. Our clients’ victories are our victories. These victories build trust. And trust builds RELATIONSHIPS. Through our relationships, we find new OPPORTUNITIES. And new opportunities allow us to CREATE. Through creation, we discover our PURPOSE. This brings us our true HAPPINESS!

A Little Background...

Team Bespoke was founded in 2019 by Deanna Avi Madigan, Elizabeth Curtis and Melissa Feemster. The three shared a background in Affiliate Marketing and a passion for living. They valued the unique talents they saw in each other. Together they brought to life their vision of an industry-leading company at the forefront of performance marketing. Equally important they founded a team they could live their dreams with. In just 5 short years, Team Bespoke has delivered victories for dozens of emerging brands. And the opportunities keep coming.

The Opportunity for You

The right person will be able to deliver that passionate touch and grow the trust of our clients and partners. As the Partnership Associate, you will help us manage tasks for our growing client base. You will be responsible for supporting the client leads and founder leads on accounts. Some of these tasks may include finding PR and press articles where our clients have been included, approving partners to programs, prepping for calls by pulling sales results, following up on weekly tasks that come out of client calls, and learning each of the affiliate network interfaces so that you can set up offers and links. This will teach you the basics of building and growing an affiliate program. The success you have today will place you on a path to an even brighter future. A future we build together around your passions.

The Impact You'll Make

Within 1 Month you will:

  • Be fully trained on 2-3 client media tracking needs

  • Deliver results weekly to your client leads

  • Start to understand the flow of outreach to results in articles

Within 3 months you may:

  • Help develop 1 sheeters and press pitches

  • Learn 1-2 network interfaces for approvals, link inputs, reporting

  • Help with prep for calls with publishers or advertisers

  • Support a Lead on an account, depending on your hourly availability

  • Who We Are Looking For

The right person will:

  • Truly connect with our “We Believe” statement.

  • Be a people person. We are a group of socially outgoing maniacs. We need someone that brings energy to the team!

  • Brings a passion for client work.

  • Be an exciting remote meeting participant. You MUST be comfortable with being on zoom or google hangout call from your remote office. You must have a professional background + setting and demonstrate a comfort level while communicating live and online.

  • Be self-motivated. Some people just do better in an office setting. Some are built for remote work. We are looking for the latter. Can you thrive without someone forcing you to?

  • Be results-oriented. We get energized by bringing home big-time results for our clients!

  • Possess the understanding of what it takes to make a difference in this space.

  • Be competitive. We are pushing the limits of our industry. We require someone that is always pressing to find the next way to beat the competition.

  • Be curious. We drive to deeply understand clients, their workflows, and their objectives to speak their language. We need to understand the source of their business objectives to create strategies that align to the most effective results.

  • Will be able to commit to working with Team Bespoke on specific days and time frames so we can align our account work accordingly.

Why this role might not be a fit:

  • If you require a long path to onboarding. As a young and growing company, we cannot commit our workflow bandwidth to compensate for those who aren’t self-starters.

  • If you are uncomfortable in a growth environment. As a young company, there is ample opportunity to carve your own path. Whether it be developing new internal process standards or creating new offerings to bring to market. There are many hats to be worn.

  • If you are uncomfortable with change and ambiguity. If we all do our jobs well, the company will continue to grow rapidly. This means your role will likely shift in scope to accommodate that growth. And as new and unpredictable challenges emerge, new solutions and workflows will be required to accommodate them. If we face these challenges together, we can come out the other side with an even greater focus on our individual passions.

  • Our ideal candidate won’t just be a people pleaser. They’ll be a relationship builder. We are comfortable saying no. We walk away from opportunities that do not align with our goals and are transparent on best practices. Sometimes what is best for a relationship is to walk away. We value those who can see the difference.

Team Bespoke is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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