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Hot off the Press...literally!

We love the affiliate channel and that we get to test new things with our amazing partners every day! As we continue to expand partnerships on behalf of all of our clients there is something really exciting about seeing your hard work in print, delivered to your door and being able to measure it!

The Buy Side from Wall Street Journal kicked off their affiliate partnerships over holiday 2022 and with unprecedented success, Team Bespoke has continued to partner with them on this new optimization opportunity. This is our 5th Client inclusion in The Buy Side and 2nd for UrbanStems.

The Buy Side just re-launched their 'Exclusives' amplification and we knew UrbanStems would be a great fit for both the WSJ readers and UrbanStems. Team Bespoke secured a 25% off promo for WSJ subscribers for 3 months which garnered this exclusive deal printed in the WSJ.

The reader experience could not be more seamless with the QR code on the ad linking to WSJ online where subscribers can log in to access the exclusive promo. Traffic is trending higher in relation to other content partners and we are excited to watch these redemptions over the next 3 months!

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