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Job Opening: Client Lead

Team Bespoke (Chicago, IL)

Client Lead can work remotely anywhere in the USA

Fun-lovin’ and immediately successful startup looking for an Affiliate Marketing Client Lead. We have prospective clients asking to work with us, and it’s time for us to grow to support these amazing companies we believe in. We’re seeking a brilliant Affiliate Marketer to nurture and grow those relationships.

What We Do:

Team Bespoke creates the connections that make a difference. The sole idea behind our business is to deliver an efficient return on ad spend, across many digital marketing channels. We work with clients who are eager to test monetizing differently. We pair them with content sites + technology partners who generate interested, authentic traffic to our clients’ site via affiliate marketing + strategic partnerships.

We Believe:

There is no work life and personal life. Life is life - no matter what we are doing. To live happy we must work happy. We believe in creating our own HAPPINESS. So we created Team Bespoke to seek out the work we are PASSIONATE about. Working passionately… well, it works. It leads to VICTORIES. Our clients’ victories are our victories. These victories build trust. And trust builds RELATIONSHIPS. Through our relationships we find new OPPORTUNITIES. And new opportunities allow us to CREATE. Through creation we discover our PURPOSE. Which brings us our true HAPPINESS!

A Little Background…

Team Bespoke was founded in 2019 by Liz Curtis, Melissa Feemster + Deanna Madigan. The three shared a background in Affiliate Marketing and a passion for living. They valued the unique talents they saw in each other. Together they brought to life their vision of an industry leading company at the forefront of monetization. Equally important they founded a team they could live their dreams with. In just 2 short years, Team Bespoke has delivered victories for dozens of emerging brands. And the opportunities keep coming.

The Opportunity for you:

The success of Team Bespoke has generated an incredible amount of trust in the industry. This trust has led to a tremendous growth in opportunities. We are searching for the right person to take on these opportunities. The right person will be able to deliver that passionate Team Bespoke touch and grow the trust of our clients and partners. As the Client Lead, you will manage the Affiliate business for our growing book of clients. You will be responsible for the relationship, strategy, execution, communication, maintenance, and results delivered to these clients. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your talents. And this an opportunity for you to be a key part of a young + growing business within a flourishing industry. The success you have today will place you on a path to an even brighter future. A future we build together around your passions.

The Impact You’ll Make:

Within 1 Month you will:

-Get to know the team. You’ll have direct access to the Founders and supporting team that make up Team Bespoke.

-Share your current industry knowledge with the team. Team Bespoke Leadership will onboard you with the remaining skills and tools needed to perform at the highest level.

-Be brought into internal and client meetings to learn the Team Bespoke way.

-Be introduced to your first clients.

-Create the action plan to deliver on their objectives.

Within 3 months you will:

-Assume complete ownership of your book of clients.

-Bring positive energy to your clients and Team Bespoke.

-Be responsible for maintaining the execution of all affiliate and monetization efforts for your clients.

-Be the lead point person from Team Bespoke to manage communication with your clients and clients’ partnerships.

-Create and lead the strategy generation for you clients.

-Collaborate with the Founders to deliver the full power of Team Bespoke to each of your clients.

-Leverage the relationships, expertise and insight of the team to drive results.

-Share your passions with the team.

Within 6 months you will:

-Be preparing your clients for a HUGE Q4!

-Report your tangible client results to date with the Team Bespoke leadership.

-Present your strategic initiatives for Q4 and beyond for your client base.

-Take the lead on a Team Bespoke internal process development project.

-Establishing Team Bespoke standards for reproducible Affiliate Management products.

Within 1 year you will:

-Face the challenge of growing your professional responsibility and leadership role within Team Bespoke.

-Leverage your relationships to organically generate new business opportunities.

-Work with Team Bespoke leadership to build a team of client leads.

-Create onboarding tools for new client lead team members and generate training materials for clients.

-Overtake roles and responsibilities of Team Bespoke leadership.

Who We Are Looking For:

The right person will:

-Truly connect with our “We Believe” statement.

-Be a people person. We are a group of socially outgoing maniacs. We need someone that brings energy to the team!

-Brings a passion for Client Lead work.

-Be an exciting remote meeting leader. You MUST be comfortable running a zoom or google hangout call from your remote office. You must have a professional background + setting and demonstrate a comfort level while communicating live and online.

-Be self-motivated. Some people just do better in an office setting. Some are built for remote work. We are looking for the latter. Can you thrive without someone forcing you to?

-Be results-oriented. We get energized by bringing home big-time results for our clients

-Possess the understanding of what it takes to make a difference in this space.

-Be competitive. We are pushing the limits of our industry. We require someone that is always pressing to find the next way to beat the competition.

-Be curious. We drive to deeply understand clients, their workflows, and their objectives to speak their language. We need to understand the source of their business objectives to create strategies that align to the most effective results.

-Have a minimum of 2 years of affiliate marketing experience and client facing experience.

Why this role might not be a fit:

-If you require a long path to onboarding. As a young and growing company, we cannot commit our workflow bandwidth to compensate for those of you without Industry experience.

-If you are uncomfortable in a growth environment. As a young company, there is ample opportunity to carve your own path. Whether it be developing new internal process standards or creating new offerings to bring to market. There are many hats to be worn.

-If you are uncomfortable with change and ambiguity. If we all do our jobs well, the company will continue to grow rapidly. This means your role will likely shift in scope to accommodate that growth. And as new and unpredictable challenges emerge, new solutions and workflows will be required to accommodate them. If we face these challenges together, we can come out the other side with even greater focus on our individual passions.

-Our ideal candidate won’t just be a people pleaser. They’ll be a relationship builder. We are comfortable saying no. We walk away from opportunities that do not align with our goals and are transparent on best practices. Sometimes what is best for a relationship is to walk away. We value those who can see the difference.

-Task doers are great. We love people that can get the job done when asked to. But that will not work for this role. This position requires the type of person that can take the initiative and bring their own entrepreneurial spirit to their daily work.

Next Steps

Is this opportunity calling to you? Did your heart skip a beat? Let us know you’re interested. We’d love to hear from you! Send an email to Please use the subject line ‘Client Lead Opening’ and include your Resume, LinkedIn URL, and let us know why you believe this role is right for YOU!

*Team Bespoke is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.